Colorado Concealed Carry

Colorado Concealed CarryColorado Concealed Carry


Welcome to Colorado Firearms Training. Our classes meet all Colorado State requirements to obtain a Colorado concealed carry permit and our classes are designed to learn basic knowledge, firearm safety and to develope a basic comfort with firearms.

Our classes feature live instruction/classroom training and covers all aspects of weapons safety. It’s all done in a fun, non-intimidating environment from NRA certified instructors and our classes are approved by the National Rifle Association.

The basic courses provide hands on learning opportunities in the following areas:

Course Lessons:
– Pistol knowledge and safe gun handling
– Ammunition knowledge
– Stance, grip and breathing
– Skills relating to controlling the handgun while shooting
– How to clean and care for guns
– Sight alignment and trigger control

In an effort to plan our schedule and maintain small, manageable class size we require full payment to reserve a position in the class of your choice.
We also offer an in home, one-on-one or couples training for the price of $200 per person which provides more personal range time using various caliber firearms.

We recommend and hope that you extend your training by taking advantage of our special events. Please sign up to our email list for notice of upcoming evernts.

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